International Aerospace Congress

The Fifth International Aerospace Congress IAC’06, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the orbital station “MIR” launching was conducted from 27th to 31st August, 2006 in the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, Moscow.

Among the participants there were 845 representatives from 26 countries: outstanding scientists and constructors, cosmonauts, managers of aerospace companies, firms and agencies, students of technical universities. NASA, ESA, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, France and other countries space agencies chairmen and officials, ICAO board members, famous Russian and foreign scientists, cosmonauts, statesmen addressed to congress participants on commencement meeting with salutations which was held in the Big conference hall of Roscosmos.

Moscow, Russia
August 27-31, 2006


A. Fournier-Sicre
(European Space Agency)

Academician V. Fortov

Academician B. Chertok

W. Voss, Director, Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO (Montreal, Canada)

Astronaut T. Musabaev (Kazakhstan)

K. Kotec (Colonel Czech Repablic Army)

Astronaut Bjarni V. Tryggvason
(Canadian Space Agency)

Army Marshal V. Michalkin

Delegate of State Duma G. Raykov

Academician K. Frolov

Deputy Head of Russian Federal Space Agency V. Davydov

Astronaut Bjarni V. Tryggvason (Canada), General Director of Azerbajan Space Agency A. Gasanov, Astronaut V. Ageev, Astronaut T. Musabaev (Kazakhstan), Astronaut V. Tokarev

Astronaut Bjarni V. Tryggvason (Canada), Professor B. Zappoly (France), Astronaut V. Tokarev, Astronaut T. Musabaev (Kazakhstan)

V. Davydov , V. Michalkin, M. Liberzon, G. Raykov, President Russian and International Engineering Academies B. Gusev

Academicians B. Chertok, K. Frolov and Army General Yu. Yashin

A. Fournier-Sicre (France) and Astronaut V. Ageev

Academician V. Fortov and Astronaut G. Grechko

 Congress History